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Sollay laser treatment Baltimore Maryland

How Sollay Can Help

Sollay℠ provides a safe, noninvasive approach to pain relief through state-of-the-art laser treatment. The Sollay℠ experience is an alternative to traditional pain treatment, often eliminating the need for surgery, drugs and long-term therapy.

While low-level laser therapy, has been in limited medical use since the 1960’s, Sollay℠ has accessed existing technology to greatly broaden its medical application and establish a new level of effective pain treatment in keeping with FDA standards.

Sollay℠ therapy can help a wide variety of injuries by increasing the body’s natural ability to heal.  As each case is reviewed and assessed, a comprehensive medical history analysis and physical examination will be made by a member of our board certified professional medical staff to determine the best treatment schedule for your situation. It may be determined that Sollay℠ is not the right solution for your pain, if so, at that point, our experienced staff can recommend the best course of action for you, and in most cases, refer you to the correct specialist to help with your situation.

Experience New Relief for Pain

Experience Sollay….it works!